“El Raton”, “Indestructible"’s First Single

Diego “El Cigala”’s highly anticipated new album, Indestructible, will be released October 28th.  “El Raton”, with typical salsa themes and already available on digital platforms, is the first single from the new album which pays homage to the genre.

Inspired by the FaniaAllStars, the legendary group that took the world by storm in the 1970s, Diego “El Cigala” reunites the group after four decades to bring to life a new version of “El Raton”, the work of Cheo Feliciano, who Diego was very happy to work with on the album.

“I regret never having been around the same time as Cheo, but this version of El Raton is my homage to his talents.  As I sang it, I felt his presence, as if he were looking down on me.”

Despite the difficult task of reuniting the original members of FaniaAllStars, Diego was eventually able to do so, bringing together Astra of Puerto Rico, Bobby Valentin, Larry Harlow, Roberto Roena, Jorge Santana, Reynaldo Jorge, Eddie Montalvo, Nicky Marrero and Luis Perico Ortiz in the studio, giving life to “Indestructible”.

“Being surrounded by these talents was the biggest blessing this album has brought me.  They hadn’t been together for years, and I will carry the magic created with me forever.”

“El raton”, the first single and launch of Indestructible, maintains the original version of Bobby Valentin, creating with the voice of El Cigala a new dimension and unique sound, and the version is already available on all the digital platforms:

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ElRaton
Deezer: http://smarturl.it/ElRatonDz
Vevo: http://smarturl.it/ElRatonCA